La version stable de TinyERP veient de sortir en version 4.2.3 voici la liste des changements par rapport à la dernière version


  • Add python-xml in the required packages
  • Fix truncated string in DB when update server and field are varchar
  • Fix bugs on
  • Putting default value 'pdf' for report type field
  • Properties uses the company of the user
  • Unicode error with accented characters
  • Add a new group "No One" this group helps to hide some actions, menuitems
  • Bugfix with the rowHeights parameter, don't set the value in a tuple, if there is only one value
  • Fix with the python-xml package on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Client GTK

  • Fixed one2many list (readonly problem)
  • Fixed one2many dialog (readonly problem)
  • Add a new window to manage the extension
  • Fix a problem with the locale
  • Modify the file widget
  • Load Images and Binary only when in form view
  • Fix with the filename when you use the Save As dialog

Client Web

  • Fixed navigation problem (now remembers the offset of O2M widgets)
  • Safari 3.0 issue (possible bug in Safari) - Safari submits selection fields even if name attribute is missing. - Better calendar view
  • rendering issues (FF3)
  • Tangoish colors
  • item sorting problem in month view
  • Fixed onchange method for many2one.
  • Fixed (#767), fails to load the translation catalog if installed as egg.
  • Fixed o2m view record problem (bug #757)
  • Fixed #696, 'View Log' on User creates error
  • fixed sidebar link translation problem
  • Fixed Reference widget, now it's an extended M2O (using same JS).
  • Form view parser now checks for duplicate fields.
  • Fixed editable list view in popup (unable to get values of parent fields)
  • Visibility of Manage button in configuration.
  • Fixed one2many (default_get_context)
  • Improved Cache system
  • Cache for i18n catalog to speedup the gettext operations.
  • Fixed Import/Export bugs (649, 650)
  • Fixed Calendar view (handle server errors)

Depuis le passage à la plateforme de développement Launchpad, le développement de TinyERP et sa qualité se sont encore améliorés, la prochaine version est déjà très prometteuse.